Your submissions could demonstrate your initiatives that allow your students to experience diverse perspectives in the way they engage with curriculum, including all learning and teaching, and assessments. The following list provides areas that could be covered under each broad theme for the conference:

Academic integrity issues
  • Taking a teaching and learning approach to academic integrity.
  • Academic integrity and a diverse student cohort.
Technological affordances to embed internationalisation initiatives:
  • Affordances provided by industrial revolution 4.0 for internationalisation.
  • Addressing equity issues in terms of access to education through access to technology.
  • Connected eLearning (considerations of adapting better tech and learning activities to improve the engagement of international students and/or domestic).
  • Technologies for meaningful internationalisation.
  • Technology opportunities and challenges for internationalisation.
  • Internationally accessible technology infrastructure to support internationalisation.
  • Technology support for international students with language challenges.
  • Support services for students who speak different languages.
Embracing new forms of mobilities:
  • Unwillingness to travel. 
  • Innovative internationalisation in different contexts.
Student experience:
  • Enriching student experiences.
  • Studying from home/studying remotely.
Staff experience:
  • Internationalising the academics.
  • Academic voices through the pandemic.
  • Academic reflective practice.
Embedding indigenous perspectives in international education:
  • Embedding the voices of First Nations Peoples in curriculum.
  • Student outcomes in response to an integrated curriculum representing First Nations perspectives.
De-colonising of educational framework:
  • Initiatives that allow students to experience diverse perspectives in the way they engage with curriculum, including all learning, teaching and assessments.
  • Internationalisation from non-Western educational contexts.

Please note that these are just a guide to the types of ideas we are looking for. We encourage you to think ‘outside the box’ and submit other ideas/initiatives you may be involved in.