International Education 2022

Internationalisation of Higher Education at home: implications for an evolving world

Friday 26th August 2022

After the extremely successful inaugural Inted2021 Symposium last year, we are excited to host a full day Inted2022 Conference on the Internationalisation of Curriculum.

While many higher education institutions have delved in internationalisation as a means to promote goodwill, understanding and connections between countries, one of the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic is that many of these well intended aims has been progressively diminished and the focus on the economics of international education has become much more prominent.

As population of many countries become increasingly diverse and multicultural it is even more important to re-focus internationalisation back to its core aims. What role does higher education curriculum play in this? How do we develop diversity and inclusivity in thinking and understanding for all students? How do we navigate the various new forms of mobilities post-pandemic?

This conference will aim to highlight the importance of internationalisation of the curriculum for an evolving world, locally and internationally.

This conference is brought to you by the Internationalisation of the Curriculum Special Interest Group.

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  • Registrations Open:  1st June 2022
  • Call for Submissions Open:  1st June 2022
  • Submissions Closed
  • Confirmation of acceptance:  26th July 2022
  • Journal Publication: 20 November 2023

Conference Friday 26th August 2022

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